The SRMed Executive Committee is pleased to announce the commencement of our online seminar series beginning on:

Saturday 20th February at 11-12 pm PST.

The first seminar will be co-presented by the Executive committee. In this seminar, you will be briefly introduced to our executive members, you will know our objectives and aims and plans to achieve our goals.
Each month, we will organise a webinar for professional members and a webinar for general members. The seminar series will be held fortnightly for our professional and general members. Highly qualified field-specific experts will present webinars for professional members. They will present the latest medical research in the field of their speciality. More general medical research topics will be covered in webinars for general members.

Virtual attendance of the seminars is free and can be accessed via the Zoom link that will be sent out a week earlier.  Viewing will be in “listen mode only”. You can participate in the seminars by submitting written questions and comments via the chat function.

Reminders for the upcoming seminar will be emailed weekly.

We look forward to an excellent and diverse scientific program showcasing great speakers and spanning the breadth of basic science, translational and clinical research.

Thank you

Society for Research in medicine (SRMed)