We are a unique group of medical researchers who aim to educate general public in medical research


Simplifying research knowledge in medicine for general public
Knowledge sharing, Congresses, Seminars, Virtual lectures, E learning, Career Counselling and much more


The SRMed is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit research society in medicine. The main objective of the SRMed is to disseminate research knowledge in medicine in simple language to the general public. 

The SRMed also aims to promote the exchange and publication of scientific information and knowledge in the field of medicine; in particular, to promote, sponsor, or encourage regular scientific meetings/conferences for this purpose. The society also aims to raise the awareness regarding human health and disease in general public by organising conference/seminars by clinical/basic researchers for general public in simple language

The unique platform of SRMed established by early-mid career researchers will facilitate coordination among scientists from different research areas. 

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